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Large Red Bust -39- Stcloud Woman Condemned by the Inquisiton Edmund Morison Wimperis The penitent magdalene Woman Writing a Letter a architectural design The Annunciation Marine Landscape wer Tall Portuguese-s fem Still life-Oranges,Lomons and Blue Glove Scenes from the Life of David j The Stag Hunt Liberty Leading the People,july 28,1830 Saint Sebastien secouru par les anges Wray My First Sermon THEOPHANES the Greek The Worship of Venus -01- GIUSTO de Menabuoi Chiari, Giuseppe Transfiguration of Christ John Greenwood Museum of the Moving Image are wholesale The Parasol The Banks of the Seine at La Grande Jatt Monaghan Governors of the Wine Merchant-s Guild La Reddition de Breda ou Les Lances -det Lovers ddff Portrait of a Singer Homage to Delacroix Antiochus and Stratonice -04- Epes Sargent Columbus Sights the New World The Exbortation of the Marquis del Vasto The Stigmata of St.Francis The Muse Terpsichore wf Classical River Scene