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Double Portrait of the Mennonite Preache Marchandage de Poteries a Jaffa -32- Piazza della Signoria in Florence -08- art dk life school still watercolor Pipercity Death of St.Francis george frederic watts,o.m.,r.a. Dekalb Kitchen Garden at L-Hermitage,Pontoise L Enseigne de Gersaint A Stroll along the Riverbank -37- Yellow City -12- art fine joel Train en gare The Needlewoman Self-Portrait w6 The Holy Family Rests on the Fight into The Fall of the Rebel Angels -08- St.Louis of Toulouse Family Group Coleus Plant in a Flowerpot -nn04- Portrait of Madame Henri Matisse Father Time Overcome by Love, Hope and B Still-Life sgg Masolino Meindert Hobbema Gloucester Jean-Baptiste Deshays Sunnyside-tahoecity Great Market in Haarlem Self-Portrait with Palette Bridge near Mount Grimsel The Pic-Nic -13- Capriccio- a Palladian Design for the Ri Blind-s Man Bluff Pieter Gijsels canadian scenery Alfred Berard and his Dog The Muisc Lesson The Astrologer