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Kastamonu A Study at Tintern-Drawn on the Spot VALENTIN DE BOULOGNE La Mort de la Vierge Angwin photo bucket Les Demoiselles de Village Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne sdg Lovers Mountdora The Gulf of Saint-Tropez -35- Deepstep Skrapar Noli Me Tangere Portrait of Milliet ,Second Lieutnant of Jean Beraud Hopedale A Christian Allegory -05- Johan Barthold Jongkind The Marquise de Pompadour Lajos Gulacsy St.Luke and the Apostle Jacob the Elder Mayflowervillage The Cross on the Mountain Santa Fe Snow at Louveciennes The Gorge at Appledore Self-Portrait -nn04- Klimt Gustav Lem Picka Winter Scene at Yselmuiden hhh Self-Portrait with Tow Circles Great Britain New Market Fishing at Moonlight ag The Adoration of the Child Hollyhocks and other Flowers in a Vase Lake art living Cabbage patch near the village Life of the Virgin -detail- sdg