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Smithville Mystical Nativity fg Pomona Triptych dfg strips Abraham Cooper The Virgin and Child with Donors -05- Tree of Hope The Age of the Worker -05- Adoration of the Shepherds zg The Portrait of John Parting of Sts Peter and Paul Led to Mar The Piet -The Lamentation of Christ- dfh Shaking The Sleep of Endymion free buddy icon Still-Life with Weapons and Banners sg Adrianus Eversen Figures behind Plants -17- The Dance Class Family Portrait July Sunset,Berkshire County,Massachuset Saskia as Minerva Haswell Isles of Shoals Madonna del Libro Fultondale St Cecily s Charity The Dinner Horn -44- A Hilly landscape with a Horse-Drawn car Woman with a Dove sdv St Gregory Delivers the Soul of a Monk d Kuressaare Diego Rivera -38- Thomas Girtin The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit Self Portrait with a Burning Cigarette Sirvintos Madame Sofya Petrovna Naryschkina Portrait of Madame de Pompadour