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Nude Enchanted Isle abstraction empathy The Departure -13- Isabel Clara Eugenia with Magdalena Ruis Dana Portrait of General John A. Sutter Nerissa View in Moret Velesta funny photo Portrait des Grafen Keyserling Woman Combing Her Hair Saint Catherine Devil Psyche Honoured by the People fj The Great Upheaval Hector France Femme a la cravate noire -38- The Birdcage Gatti-s Hungerford Palace of Varieties-S River Landscape with a Windmill and Ruin art fine reproduction Portrait of Fritza Riedler -20 wood working picture frame Lady and Gentleman in a Landscape William Matthew Prior Moorefield Pier Vanitas Still-Life with Musical Instrume Kneeling Girl,Disrobing -12- Brook Watson and the Shark sdf The Annunciation and the Visitation d coyote stretcher Three mask The Virgin Reading Ljubljana The Raising of Lazarus Carl Friedrich WilhelmTrautschold Hunt in Honour of Charles V at the Castl