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Susanna and the Elders -33- St Sebastian between St Roch and St Marg Woman with a Pearl Necklace wer The Stone bridge in Rouen,dull weather Concert of Birds bhgh The Woman of Arles-Madame Ginoux- Oakwoodhills Randers Oslo The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin Mechanism element Susanna Fourment or Le Cbapeau de Paille Moonrise Henry de Groux The Glacier of Grindelwald oak framed mirror The Astrologer hide stretcher Flood at Port-Marly Drawbridge at Arles Sycamore The Judgment of Paris Jean Marc Nattier Cincinnati Art Museum Portrait of a Man fdg Mbarka -32- The Foothridge over the Water-Lily Pond Agony in the Garden Three Horses -34- Spiritlake Ballet Rehearsal on Stage Verobeachsouth GHERARDO DI GIOVANNI St Catherine Reading a Book sd license plate frame Detail of The Birth of King Cyrus Portrait of Dr Gachet Mrs Alexander Farmer California landscape Aliso Canyon and Bridge at Coast Highway