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Trials of Moses Gouda The Excavation of the Manchester Ship Ca Marine Landscape with Fishermen fu Sophonisba Drinking the Poison df Captain John Cooke Scence in Glen Falloch,Argyllshire -47- Millhousen Falun Leonardo Coccorante Hokesbluff angel image Odalisque -05- Landscape with Roman Ruins Nicolaes eliasz Newberry St Jerome gag Winter Scene at Yselmuiden hhh Portrait of the Monk Isaia Piersiceanu The Opera Singer, Fiodor Shaliapin stretched canvas Frederick Sodring Hl.Augustinus queen bed frame Madwoman afflicted with envy Fra Bartolommeo Le Forum -11- The Depositon from the Cross L-Ombrelle verte canvas stretchers Adona Svencioneliai Desertviewhighlands Xochitl,Flower of Life Madonna della Loggia artmam Worthingtonsprings Jules Lefebvre life shoes still Recreation by our Gallery