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Offer of Something The Art of Painting -33- The Triumph of Neptune -detail- af Minerva and the Muses Self-Portrait with a shell Paul Verlaine -06- MICHELE PANNONIO Macomb Cypresses and Two Women -nn04- Hunt in Honour of Charles V at the Castl Portrait of a Youth Ortiz, Francisco Pradilla Virgin and Child AF Velazquez et Ia Famille royale -Les Meni Breakfast Before the Hunt -nn02- View from Hampstead Heath,Looking toward La Joie de Vivre -35- Battledore Zephyrhillssouth The Virgin and Child Wally in Red Blouse with Raised Knees -1 Savanna Portrait of a Young Man dfg Portrait of Charles V Frank Walton A Boy Caching Fleas on His Dog Galatea -20- Jamestown La Premiere Sortie -The First Outing- -0 Parkano aol Honolulu Hospitality-the Admission of Sir Tristra La Jettee Du Havre Julius Caesar and Staff The Falls of Tequendama,Near Bogota,New Giovanni Paolo Pannini Lando'lakes Redlands Saint Mary Magdalene Penitent